Member Spotlight

“Hashtag represents an opportunity -- a place you can go that is full of energy. This is the present and the future.”

— Jackie, author, facilitator, and consultant
Jeremy & Landon
“Sometimes we’ll work from home but that’s tough because when you’re home you want to take breaks all the time … at least I do. That doesn’t always work out well. Hashtag has enough structure that it really helps, but then it’s casual enough that it’s comfortable. That’s really been cool for us."

— Jeremy, founder of Spirelight Web
"As someone who is always on a budget, I love that I can have access to a spot that was secure, well priced and had everything I needed! I work online, set meetings online and often need a space to get work done other than my home. Hashtag is a great place to do all those things. I was there working late one day and a Hashtag-er I’d never met came in and gave me a cookie. It was unexpected and came at a great time.”

— Jessica, PhD student and researcher at UC San Diego
“My favorite moment is each and every time I walk into Hashtag. The creativity I feel and freedom I have is priceless. Hashtag has an environment that sparks energy, therefore charging my mind with the creativity needed to learn, write, and refresh.”

— Yasmina, author, physical trainer, and personal development coach